About Me

Ola everyone!

I’m Benjamin and I’m apart of Rotary Youth exchange program for 2020.

I am living in Northern Sydney, in the town of Berowra and I will be going to south Brazil in the district of Maringá! My sponsoring club is Beecroft and my host club is Paranavai.

I am turning 15 and am the youngest out of 4 siblings. My oldest sister Emma who originally gave me the idea of applying for exchange had gone on her own exchange to Finland. My brother and sister (Matt and Sarah) both decided to stay in their own country and Mum is physiotherapist and dad worked as a Paramedic. I am going to miss my two dogs (Shandy and Asha) the most out of my whole family!

My family and i live in Berowra. Berowra is surrounded by bush, trails and hills which most like got me interested in mountain biking. Maringá is a very flat place with NO trails!

I have many hobbies, not just Mountain Biking. I enjoy water skiing/wake-boarding, skateboarding, making jewellery, football (soccer), Motorbikes, trampoline and of course Mountain biking.

I attend Asquith Boys High school which is an all boys school. It will be quite different going to a co-ed school in Brazil! I study engineering, food tech and building and construction at school. I do not enjoy subjects like English and maths, I would rather do more practical subjects like wood working. My friends and I play football at recess and lunch everyday even if it is hailing or 40 degrees!

On the 17th of January I will be flying out to Brazil! So far I am extremely nervous and excited at the same time. I am most sad about leaving the people I love and I am most excited for the friendly Brazilian culture.