Quarantine For me

As everyone knows we have a global pandemic happening. On exchange it defiantly not one of the situations I would of expected to encounter. I’ve decided to spend my time giving helping and on the family farm. So far I’ve shoved Manure, planted manjoka, brand cattle and built a chicken pen. All with Acquiring some cowboy boots and cloths.

After a few weeks of doing nothing in quarantine I decided to text my host brother from my previous family to ask if he would like to do something together. He offered to take me to their farm to help, the only formation I knew was that I needed a mask. I Quickly found out I was unequipped for the job. My shoes were coved in dirt, mud and manure and I only had one pair jeans which need a thorough clean (sorry rose). it was full days work of loading the trailer, spreading the manure across the crops and doing it again and again.

My Host Brothers and I

When I came home covered in manure, I asked my host mum to take me shopping. I came back with boots and two pairs of jeans. My host brothers showed up to give me one over there matching shirts. We’re know as the three musketeers that day.

Just a quick vlog for an update of what’s happening for me in quarantine.

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