3 Months in Brazil

Ola, tudo bem. I had intended to write this blog a few weeks ago. This blog is all about my host families Brazilian farm.

It was only the first day of myself arriving in Brazil when my host family decided they wanted to take me to the farm. The very first thing I notice was beautiful red sand and how green and healthy the plants where (at this time Australia hadn’t seen green plants in while due to the bushfires). I soon realised the the sand was able to get EVERYWHERE! just when you think you have clean all the sand off it reappears in spots you would never think you would find, I have found this sand in bag that I didn’t even take to the farm! the second thing I noticed was that they’re gum trees. I was so surprise I even asked if they had koalas.

The farm is named plantação de carne by my two host brothers, which you can most likely guess it means meat plantation. The farm also produces dairy, poultry and fish. My most favourite animal at the farm has got to be the cachorros or the dogs. Doki and Jina are very cute but don’t let that deceive you, they have paws the size of cellphones and they are not afraid to jump up on you to show how excited they are. not only do they have gigantic paws but they can run and keep up with the quad bike, they never seem to get tired!

Fishing is done little different in Brazil.

My most memorable memory at the farm has to be the time we came very close to being attacked by an onça (jaguar). I had been told stories of the onça although I never thought I would come to see the onça. It was late at night, the only place we can get reception is at the very top of the farm where there is a thick Brazilian Jungle. i had decided to get some fresh air and escape from all the bugs attracted to the light from the car. when I heard my host yell something and I stood there for a little not knowing what she meant when my host brother said to get to the car. we quickly searched the surrounding grass with our phones touches when it was spotted and caught the onça out of the corner of my eye.

All of brazils fruit is on steroids- the mangoes are the size of my head.

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Thanks for the update Ben…. do they have avocadoes there? I know the ones in the Caribbean are football-size. I have also heard those big mangoes taste different to ours – way better, so they say.

Great to hear about the jaguar – that’s awesome – but glad you got in the car. Do they threaten the farm animals and if so interested to know how they deter them.


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